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07-20-2011, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by BorrowedTune
How would you guys feel if, say, a couple players repeatedly logged out from arena matches and logged back in on the opposite side? Over and over during the match to prevent their original side from ever getting any reinforcements? Match after match? Ruining the gaming experience of 8 other players?
I think this is comparing apples and oranges. Arena's start off with the system trying to keep teams somewhat even. Than of course the objective is first team to x points win. Flipping sides during the match would obviously go against this idea.

Otha's objectives however can be accomplished with no enemy team or both teams completely ignoring each other. The only objective reason to fight is to slow the enemy team's progress so your team can finish first. I suppose flipping sides to affect the objective objective is just as bad, but giving the free-style play Otha provides and what I've seen, that hasn't been the case.