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07-20-2011, 06:07 PM
Originally Posted by CaptJWAmick View Post
Hello All,

I play an Advanced Escort and I just finished up a PvP match where I was owned... So, I'm coming here to pose the question to all ya'll who routinely do PvP... What better way to improve skills than to learn from the masters.

What should my traits look like for max damage output?

There may actually not be an answer to this one with the current trait system, but I thougth I would ask anyways

What kind of tactical consoles should I outfit?

Possible Configurations...

Configuration 1:

1 X Zero Point Quantum Chamber
2 X Prefire chambers
1 X Phaser Relay

Configuration 2:

1 X Zero Point Quantum Chamber
1 X Prefire chambers
2 X Phaser Relay

I'm leaning towards Configuration 1 b/c I use cannons to get through shields quickly.

Boff Traits?

My boff traits are outlined below:

Ensign tactical officer:
Beam Overload 1
LT Tactical officer: Tactical team 1; Cannon: Rapid Fire 1
CDR Tactical Officer: Torp: HY 1, 2 & 3; Cannon Rapid Fire: 3
LT Engineering Officer: Engineering Team 1; Boarding Party 1
LtCDR Science Officer: Science Team 1; Energy Syphon 1; Charged Particle Burst 2

Thanks in advance for help/ suggestions.
I'd recommend the following changes to start off with;
replace Torp HY 3 with AP Omega 1
replace boarding party with Emergency power to shields 2
replace energy siphon with hazard emitters 2