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07-20-2011, 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by TantalusOmega
I think (emphasis on the THINK part) that even if the Borg have adapted to your weapons, you still do a tiny amount of damage with the primary/secondary fires without remodulating. It can be useful if that drone you were firing at adapted to your weapon right before he was about to die. I could be wrong, though. Sometimes it's hard to tell with my Boffs firing off shots in every direction at multiple drones. .
You do 1 damage with energy weapons once a Borg has adapted to your attacks. If they're nearly dead you can always give them a slap to finish them off. I think I need to rewrite the Borg section to be a bit clearer about this.

Originally Posted by TantalusOmega
Fair enough. It does take a fair amount of firepower, yes, which isn't too hard as a tac captain. Sci or Eng captains might have more trouble. No matter what I go up against, I always open with a photon grenade, which helps tons. And yeah, I've noticed that Boffs use hyposprays like candy. That's why I don't give them any. I have yet to see any of my Boffs ever get assimilated, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have happened while I wasn't looking (in truth, the only times I've ever been assimilated was when I left my Boffs behind on Tribble specifically so I could get assimilated and test the feature - otherwise, my team would wipe out the Borg before they got the chance). In general, I've found it pretty hard to get assimilated, but other players' mileage may vary.
It shouldn't really happen on normal difficulty after you've gained a bit of experiance. It's your fault, you make 'em go boom too fast . The higher the difficulty the higher the chances of it happening and while it varies, having a Boff assimilated rarely ends well for you.

Photon grenades are pretty sweet. I usually play my Sci so I open with whatever Thermal Vent is called now and have my Tac Boff chuck a grenade, not much left standing after that. I'm all about explodies on my Tac toon now though