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07-20-2011, 06:40 PM
I've respecced all my alts (except Klingons obviously) to fly fleet escorts and loving it.

I take two tact teams, two CSV1, two CRF2, 1 APO3, EPtS1, EPtS1, RSP1, ST1, HE2

Did use to take two APO's, but due to the cooldown time prefered to take two CRF2's

Fore: 4xDHC
Aft: 3xTurrets

Originally Posted by EyeSolo View Post
i agree running two tac teams wow bet you dont have a sci team for anyone on your team selfish play that is.
a) Unless the game mechanics have changed from two hours ago, you can still cast tactical team on allies.

b) Taking two tactical teams doesn't prevent you from taking a sci-team.