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07-21-2011, 06:17 AM
If I'm remembering what one of the Devs said correctly, then the NPC ships have a much lower polygon count, and lower rez textures. The amount of work needed to bring them up to the quality of other player ships is around the same as making the model and textures from scratch, hence why this hasn't been done.

Hopefully once the sale of Cryptic has been completed and CapnLogan has been given the permission and funds to create that slave army of modelers he's always wanted, then maybe we'll start to see the ship designs of the other races start mixing in to the tiers

Heck, the KDF needs both a bunch more ships and a bunch of ships that can't cloak. Will make the cloak on Klingon ships a little more special, especially if they get that OPvP territory control system worked out