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07-21-2011, 08:20 AM
Okay, anyone who's interested in testing - informations below! -

I just created a (very simple) test map, called the Klingon Ship Testing Facility. You will need to set yourself to be a Reviewer as this map has no reviews yet and will not show up in the regular Community Authored section yet.

It's very bare bones, but basically: Accept the mission, go to the Kahless Expanse, talk to the Enrichment Drone. It will spawn a group of frigates. Kill them, go back to the drone, and repeat, over and over up to 16 times. I feel 16 is probably enough to get adequate information, but if after some testing I feel the number is too low I will increase it.

Warning: Only talk to the drone if you want more frigates. You can technically spawn every wave at once if you just keep talking to it; but for the purposes of this specific set of tests, you'll just want 1 wave per test.

For the purposes of accuracy remember the following -

1) You must be flying a Vo'Quv with To'Duj fighters. We can't adequately test to Kar'Fi at the same time since it would probably require Antiproton skill rather than Disruptor, and the S'kull fighters behave very differently.

2) Start every fight fresh - no fighters should be remaining from the previous test. This will keep the same relative damage curve as you add more fighters.

3) Keep your auxiliary maxed so you can keep your fighter numbers as close to maximum at all times as possible. You won't be able to keep it at a perfectly level number, but as long as you minimize the amount of time you're below-18 fighters, you should be OK.

4) Engage only one group at a time, as multiple groups will distort things by spreading damage and destroying fighters.

5) Do not fire your own weapons! While we can track To'Duj damage separately, it's just the safer bet if you engage with nothing but your fighters.

6) Make sure you clearly delineate if a test was done with Disruptors skilled or without Disruptors skilled.

7) Make certain you are set to Normal difficulty; as higher difficulty settings will impact your damage and skew numbers.

8) See upthread for the parser and info on how to use it. The number we are looking for is the overall Out DPS of your To'Duj fighters after a full round of testing roughly half an hour of combat - which I'm guesstimating should be roughly equal to one run of the map I've produced. If my map is faulty (Ie: too fast; and I'll try to sort that out before anyone else messes with it, but I know I may not manage that) - if the map is faulty, please let me know and I will add more encounters.

I felt 16 straight encounters would probably be enough, as I rarely move through fights using nothing but fighters at faster than a minute and a half to two minutes per fight, at least as memory serves.

9) Thank you for helping <^_^> while this is hardly a world-ending or game changing question overall, it's probably good to know for sure. So if you feel like helping, you have my gratitude.