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07-21-2011, 11:40 AM
This is great! Mistformsquirrel & PrincessKatrina I am really interested in your findings. I have often wondered about the answer to this question: Do Captain Skills affect Fighters?

If I may:

Which exact skills are you testing? Near as I figure it could be any one or a combo of these:

•Starship Energy Weapons Training
•Starship Beam Weapons
•Starship Disruptor Weapons

Are you respecing all three? Also, are you using/adding any of the appropriate consoles, and if so, which:

•Directed Energy Distribution Manifold (Beam Weapons)
•Disruptor Induction Coil (Disruptor Weapons)

When doing torps, which mix of these are you using:
•Starship Projectile Weapons Training
•Starship Torpedo Weapons
•Starship Photon Projectiles

•Warhead Yield Chamber (Generic Projectiles)
•Photon Detonation Assembly (Photon Projectiles)

You mention only fighters. What about the BoPs? Do they use Cannon skill?
•Starship Cannon Weapons
•Prefire Chamber (Cannon Weapons)

Anyway, thanks again.