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07-21-2011, 11:51 AM
In order to make certain that the data isn't corrupted, our first tests are going to keep our builds exactly as they were, excepting a shift in Disruptors skill. Disruptors is the only skill being tested at present. (Any skills that need to be moved up or down other than that will be in areas that should have no effect - like Science or something.)

Right now I have all the skills that the game tells us affect fighters*.

If we find that Disruptors skill does have an affect on fighter damage, then I'm going to go ahead and test Photon Torpedo skill as well. This is a bit annoying to do though** so it may be some time before I even get to that, let alone the other stuff <. .> That said, it does interest me, so I may come back and do it again anyway.

Err, basically long story short - this may be a long time before I can answer all those questions. Right now it's just disruptors I'm worried about. >.>b but over the long haul, who knows?

*edit* Forgot to add that console-wise, I'm using 2 Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk X white consoles. I don't believe they'll have any impact; but I won't be changing them one way or the other, since at least for now we just want to see how skills alone do.

*Whether they in fact do or do not have an effect. This way whtether or not they have an effect, they won't corrupt the data since the levels of those skills will not change between tests.

**Not sure why but the parser keeps quitting, so I have to throw out about half my data because it only records a small chunk of the fight - not long enough to get an adequate measure of Out DPS. I'm suspicious that it could be that if all the fighters that start the battle die, then it quits recording. Which leads to the possibility that if I put my ship into the fight first it may solve things. I'm actually going to try that since it shouldn't in any way corrupt the data (damage won't change after all).