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07-21-2011, 10:57 AM
Also, I have my With Disruptors Skill log available now:

Disruptors Log (Numbers rounded to nearest whole - the parser gives us 3 decimal places that I don't feel are significant at all.)

Fight 1 - Out DPS 707
Fight 2 - Out DPS 716
Fight 3 - Out DPS 583
Fight 4 - Out DPS 689
Fight 5 - Out DPS 465
Fight 6 - Out DPS 628
Fight 7 - Out DPS 731
Fight 8 - Out DPS 517
Fight 9 - Out DPS 601

Average total Out DPS - 626.3333 (repeating decimal)

*edit* I'm an idiot and I forgot to credit shields as damage. This should be OK overall since as long as I remember not to do it for this next set of tests, it shouldn't make a significant difference, but it does make for some mild annoyance on my end. ><

Every fight was against a group of 3 Miranda/ShiKhar/Centaur frigates. Average fight time was about 2 minutes (1 min 45s-2min 5s roughly) The total fight time was close to 45 minutes, even though it was only half the number of fights I wanted to test. I think it's generally fairly reliable.

Now I'm going to test without Disruptors skill to see if we see a significant drop in DPS.