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07-21-2011, 12:02 PM
Here are my no-Disruptor skill logs thus-far. I'm technically two fights short, but I've run into technical issues, and at this point I think it's becoming clear that there is no real effect.

Non-Disruptor Skill Logs

Fight 1 - Out DPS 549
Fight 2 - out DPS 662
Fight 3 - Out DPS 608
Fight 4 - Out DPS 510
Fight 5 - Out DPS 766
Fight 6 - Out DPS 661
Fight 7 - Out DPS 783

Average Out-DPS - 648.2

So, barring someone else coming along with much, much different data - I'm calling this myth busted.

And yes I had to do that. >.>

So yes, just to be absolutely 100% clear:

Disruptors skill has no effect whatsoever on To'Duj DPS.

This also makes me hesitant to try other things; but if I get bored I may very well give it a shot. I'm in the market for a better parser though >< if anyone has a suggestion.