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Dev team we really need another wave of KDF loven!

Now that the first city has been redone, I really would love some more. I know it has been mentioned that we will be getting KDF versions of Fed missions and that is cool. But we need at least two more mission archs for each rank/teir. The rank restriction on the featured episodes has removed some major fun missions for leveling Klingons.

I have a major issue with the lack of KFD content, as it has always been low and you do the same few missions over and over again. With the new level restriction for some of the missions it really limits our options at low ranks. Currently we can do Pi Canis, Defend the Empire and explore missions and one mission arch per every teir. Plus we have the featured episodes if you are high enough rank for them. We really need more than that as a KDF player.

From July ask cryptic 2011 and the first question posted:
Q: KBFLordKrueg Now that we have a beautifully redone QonoS, can we hope for more Klingon missions soon as well?

A: With launching Season 4, the entire team is focused on adding new content over the months ahead that will utilize all the new cool features and combat updates in this release. We are currently in development on the following content: Featured Episode Series 4 which will take place around Deep Space 9, Special Task Force updates to improve and balance these missions into something fun and/or challenging to play, Borg Invasion Events which will include a weekly ground assault on a to be announced species homeworld as well as hourly Borg Deep Space incursions into all sectors, new locale flavored neighborhood missions for social zones, OpenPVP Encounters, and four new Fleet Actions (1 exclusive ground and space FA for each faction). So yes. We absolutely plan to release some great new content to show off the new combat updates in Season 4. All of this content is currently scheduled to release at various stages in Season 4 between now and October.

Ok cool, they are adding stuff but I feel this is a deflection of the problem. Now with the level restrictions on featured episodes we have no way of knowing what rank you will need to be to play the DS9 episodes. From that I can read into this response everything is based for Fed content that they let KDF players also participate in and that is ok but I thought I listened to a interview that the new high level expansion sector will be FED only when it is released.

From July ask cryptic 2011:
Q: kyle_scott Any possibility of a Romulan or Cardassian BOFF?
A: We have discussed this in the past and have thus far held off because it could cause some oddities if and when we eventually get a Romulan or Cardassian faction in game. I'm not saying it is impossible, or that we won't do it, but for now we are on hold with this idea.

The idea of having a Romulan or Cardassian faction is very cool but should not even be talked about at this point in time. The idea of adding another faction to the game that has one complete faction and half of one is a bit crazy. The amount of work that it would take to come out with a new faction is huge amount of time, money and testing. Im sure the foundry has also cost a good amount of time and money to get work and running somewhat smoothly. I just truly do not want to see the Romulans or Cardassians poorly put together or called a PVP faction as an excuse for not making them a full faction. I know it is a huge undertaking to make a new faction and to do it well. I would recommend to get the KDF up to speed and then slowly build another faction but do not release them until they have a full complement of mission/ship/aliens/costumes/home bases made and tested. People were not happy about the KDF at release and an unfinished third faction will rehash all those issues and show off a very unpolished game.

The current con about STO at this point from mmo sites is the lack of content but imo I believe we have slowly seen an increase in top end content.

Dear KDF Santa,

My wish list for my KDF toon!

1. Finsih the KDF faction, please.

2. I would like to see a Klingon Science ship that can cloak.

3. Even if that is hard for the Devs to do maybe we can get some more variant ship skins/ship variants for the current top end KDF ships.

4. Or even a crazier thought ship bridges for the alien KDF ships even if they end up on the C-store. Thats right Im going to say it "We are willing to pay for more stuff if you would just put it out!"

Sometimes as a KDF player we jump at even the smallest things you give us as there really is not that much out there for us.