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07-21-2011, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by thamupp View Post
well, all the suggestions ive seen so far seem to make the ent-f the new preferred healer, so kdf will *need* this ship aswell then i guess.
I am not so sure. You're still losing out one Engineering Team 3 and have more trouble fitting Aux2SIF, run into more cooldowns problem with the lower tier skills. 3 Engineering Ensigns are always a downside.

I am not convinced that TSS3 or HE3 are so much better than TSS2 and HE2, if you have to pay with a ET3 for it. You simply have less ability to react to sudden spikes if you have to rely on the science heals, and more gaps in your healing rotation.

And as such, I am still not even sure it beats the Star Cruiser healing ability.

We'll see what we get. No doubt a new Klingon Flagship could use a similar layout.