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07-21-2011, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by Sprint01
It's a quasi-military uniform, not a Circus Clown's getup. It's supposed to be somewhat professional looking. Not like the biker jackets and S&M leather gear we've had so far. :/
First of all, I don't think any of the uniforms are looking like clowns clothes. Neither do they look like S&M leather. I totally like the other look of the Fadaration as until now seen. The Starfleet uniforms look tougher as before, and are more practical. But the Section 31 has nothing real special about it. And especially not the Star Fleet uniform. Beside this the trowsers are identical to the ambassador teowsers, witout the shiny look. There are no special shoes, and the model of the tunic is almost identical als the standard one, we allready have. The only diference is, there are another strip around the shoulders we could add a paint. All in all ok, but nothing special. And what outrages me is the price. For almost nothing, we have to pay as much as for some great looking costume packs, like jupiter, or open jacket, or ToS? There is absolute no realation! The only tzhing I like at Seaction 31 are but the boots. The only thing I'd porbably ever add would be the tunic of the SACU. But never for 280AP each!