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07-21-2011, 02:39 PM
Originally Posted by Steel-Hyena
Honestly, I've found the community created stuff helps alleviate the lack of content. I know, the Foundry is currently unavailable for making new missions, and it'd be lazy just to go "bah, we don't need Cryptic to work, let the players make all the missions!" Still, there's enough of em floating around on there that it really and truly helps. Still, there's no crafting mats to be had there, some of em are bugged to hell, and item rewards are limited to one every three Foundry-made missions and whatever happens to drop during them.

The Klingons HAVE come a long way since release in terms of content, however, so I do have hope that Cryptic will continue to work on them. And I would LOVE to have a Romulan faction in the game, but I'll be honest: Cryptic needs to flesh the Klingons out more first. Heck, they need to keep upping the amount of content more first... and making some of the older content more viable/appealing. The current queue system is a bit "meh", and it's painfully annoying when that PvP queue you've been waiting for pops during a mission where you have to kill 8 squadrons, just dropped enemy #6, and now have to choose between PvPing after a twenty minute wait and having to restart the lame "kill X" mission, or finish up the mission and wait another 20 minutes to PvP.

I will say, however, I agree with Cryptic's stance on keeping Romulans and such as non-BOFFs/players (officially). Yes, the KDF needs to be worked on more... but that doesn't change the fact that, someday, the Romulans or Cardassians may very well be a faction, so it IS something worth talking about. It'd be stupid to just throw out Romulan BOFFs without thinking about the future, and it'd create more problems SHOULD the Romulans become a faction. You have to think about the future, even if there's other stuff you have to do first in the more immediate future.

Oh, and I totally agree on the bridges for "alien" ships. I want my Gorn to have a Gorn's bridge on his Varanus, not some silly Klingon bridge with its dim, red lighting. Someone get the art team to work on that. :p
Oh I do agree with on everything you have said and as you can see segma was the one stating on killing an idea. I want them to finish Klingons before starting on something else. I would love to have other factions but this need to be released 80% complete or higher. Klingons have come a huge way from what we all thought it would be in the beta from the dreaded "They will be a pvp only faction" and the word monster play ran crazy on the forums. But they still have some ways to go. I would like to have the Dev team post a plan/path for getting Klingon Empire on solid ground. How are they going to do it? How long should we expect for it to take? At the beginning of 2011 it was hailed as the year for Klingons but we are still waiting on that and I really would like a statues update.