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07-21-2011, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by Varrangian View Post
I had a list some where buried in time and the KDF forums now that had all the potential NPC ships for the KDF faction...
Yes making the NPC ship payable would be very nice but one has to start somewhere....and ya I think its better to ask for a single ship from the devs instead of a hole list,

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the Draguas Cruiser would make an excellent tier 3 cruiser, and the Vishap Frigate should be a tier 2 cruisers. the larger gorn Zilant Battleship could be tier 4, and there already is a tier 5 gorn ship. personally i think they should switch the gorn and orian ships in terms of what they specialize in, orians seem more crafty and gorn seem more brute force. the gorn should have had the cruiser wile the orians the science ship
I thought about asking for the Zilant Battleship as a playable teir 5 but I didnt want to ask for something as big as a carrier because then the FEDS might call fowl and the devs would have to think about that before ever making the ship playable plus how do we know that ship is not slated to be a teir 6. No i wanted a ship that no one would obect to them adding which is why I asked for a teir 5 Draguas Cruiser.

Also lets face it if they did make the ship a teir 3 then it would hardly get used I know I wouldnt want to buy a ship off the c-store just to use it for 10 grades of rank and no one else would either.

While not trying to offend FED players devs you guys are playing favorites with the FED ships they keep getting new ones but the KDF has not seen a single new ship which is why a Teir 5 Draguas Cruiser could add a much needed new ship to choose from.