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07-21-2011, 09:48 PM
If you're running engine power low, if you aren't already, speccing into Engine efficiency and Engine Performance will help make the most of what power you have. It also helps to spec into the ship you're using as well.

Also, it helps to be hot on the throttle, you won't turn faster per se, but you can make your turning circle smaller by backing the throttle off then back up when you're pointed where you need to be.

The RCS accelerator can be a good console for this, but in all honesty, I find the only Federation Escort that needs it is the Fleet Escort, although that's probably the only one that can accomodate it without weakening yourself elsewhere anyhow. Also, at lower levels I find the RCS accelerator to be lacklustre in what bonus is gained from it. Using combat impulse engines with the [turn] bonus may help you out a little as they're both "efficient at low power levels" which it sounds like you're using, and obviously the turn modifier improves your handling.

Also, some buffs enhance turn rate, I know Attack Patterns Alpha and Omega do this.