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Originally Posted by samoan View Post
Thanks for the info so far. I am at Captain 6 and I have a exploration escort. I have been putting points in all the escorts and engines, haven't done performance yet but will. I what is the alpha attack is that a officer skill?

I also am using the breen deflector that has:

Flight Speed resistance
Flight Friction resistance
Flight Turn Rate resistance

Do these help or are they not doing much?

Oh and I am engineering class.
Those items help against attacks and debuffs that effect those individual aspects of your starship. They are very effective against the Breen, but quite honestly it's sort of a specialty niche set for dealing with the Breen and you can do a bit better with other sets after you finish that arc. The deflector is probably the most useful piece of the Breen set that you can get though. Other enemies besides the Breen do use debuffs that effect turn rate and speed/engine power so it can come in handy.

The bonus powers given with that set aren't that great either, since Transphasics are still fairly weak projectiles.