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07-21-2011, 11:57 PM
Originally Posted by Brakky
These are cool but I can't seem to get the brighter colors that the pictures and the NPCs have on the stripes, it would be cool if we could get those.
All those bright stripes are very cool looking. It really is a downer that we are unable to select those colors.

As near as I can match, the blue is F18 and black is H2,
I'm using A8 for the red stripe. Any higher and it seems to go into pink territory. C8 and F8 seem to work well for yellow and blue stripes.

The officers also wear darker primary colors on their shoulders, and I think A4, C4 and F4 work nicely for those. The black darkens up to H1 I think.

While I like the gold rank pips, all of the NPCs I have seen are wearing silver (A6).

Edit: By the way: The heeled boots are the hotness!