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07-22-2011, 01:35 AM
Originally Posted by gx4th View Post
Sci/escort? Welcome to being a premiere zombie cruiser killer. Don't underestimate the MVAM when it comes to pvp potential. The ability to stun someone with a photonic shockwave is very powerful when timed right. Plus you have SNB which is one of the best captain abilities out there.

Common mistake with sci pilots. Most fire off their SNB prematurely. Well timed SNB when the guy's just panicked > shock wave and alpha strike = dead opponent most of the time.
Yeah, the PSW really screws with me when I get hit by it, so I figure it's a good ability to have. And SNB is great, sets up so many executions. Sometimes I catch myself firing it off too soon, but other times I time it just right and it works wonders.