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07-22-2011, 05:05 AM
Hello Blayyde, there is a little something that I remembered and I'd like to share with you.
I noticed that you usually gie the size of the ship and if the STO-size and the canon size differ, you give both.
In case of the T2 Raptor that is not correct however.
Back before STO came out, there were several additional pieces of information on the STO homepege.
Among them was an article about the T2 Raptor along with its given size which was 240 meters.
Unfortunately that piece of information is no longer on the page, god knows why.
However the article can still be viewed here:

and it also states that the STO Raptor and the Raptor from "Enterprise" look very much alike but are not the same ship and that the STO incarnation is somewhat larger.

Before the game launched, Suricata made a chart where the two Raptors were also listed as two seperate ships with their respective size attached to them:


So if you ever come around to it I'd like to respectfully suggest you remove that piece about the 145 meters since it refers to another ship that just looks like the 240 meters ship in STO.
Or maybe you could add a note that the two Raptors are not the same kind of ship.
Just a thought, thanks.