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07-22-2011, 08:14 AM
The original Bird of Prey was intended to be a scout, not really a fighter, and was roughly 110m in length. That was for Star Trek III for the record, TMP only had K'T'Inga class cruisers, so the B'Rel in game is at a fairly accurate scale.

Fans have digitaly re-created the TNG BoP scenes that depict super-sized BoPs and they've pretty much confirmed that they were actually 350m in size and not 650+ like is often quoted. The 650+ rumour was generated largely by Rick Sternbach adding that into the DS9 technical manual, but he later confirmed that he had used the wrong calculation and that 350m was the accurate size for the bigger BoP's.

In regards to the wings of a BoP and atmospheric flight, they shift upward primarily to lock solidly into position, so while you could argue they lock in order to withstand the stressts of entering an atmosphere it is more to do with withstanding the effects of gravity while landed and less to do with re-entry itself. It also conviniently raises the wing-tip cannons away from the ground.

In Trek, pretty much all ships can enter an atmosphere, because they generate an electric displacement field which effectively pushes the air molecules away from the vessel which reduces drag (so you don't need aerodynamics) and reduces or removes the friction of re-entry (so you don't need heat shields).

That's my nerdy post for the day!