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07-22-2011, 12:14 PM
Originally Posted by Shaun555 View Post
I would love so much to have different selections of tricorders and communicators. (and even transporter effects.)

I very much like the idea of modified tricorders for each career. For example, a science officer might have a nemesis (palm pilot)-style tricorder (they would also use a little detachable hand scanner). An engineer would have perhaps a small antennae on their tricorder, something similar to the "Endgame" variant with lots of blinky LED bits. And a tactical officer I suppose would have a smaller compact, easy to use tricorder.
I would like them to replace the existing tricorder with the Nemesis tricorder. It's been 40 years or so; it seems highly unlikely we'd still have the standard TNG tricorder. As for different variants, I have no problems with that. The Endgame variant does look pretty slick too.