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07-22-2011, 09:10 PM
Is this still being looked into. I specced into the B'Rel on one of my toons and its still terrible.

-Tactical Fleet decloaks you randomly (not all the time), just like how it decloaks the raptor and defiant

-Harpengs, as if they arent bad enough, decloak you

-Teammate's heals still decloak you

-Giving tactical team to a teammate while cloaked, which works fine on the heghta, randomly decloaks you (not all the time).

Honestly, the cloak is so messed up it will do something at one time, and then the next time it wont. This ship needs something useful but also to be balanced with the heghta. imo this ship should retain the lower defense characteristics but have better offensive characteristics (increased natural speed, retain the inertia and turn, extra ensign possibly). Though with the MVAE the Heghta is already outclassed with its extreme squishiness, so im not sure what to do.