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07-23-2011, 12:42 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
...several months after they gave the Federation a cloaking escort and a cloaking cruiser.
So Federation got one typical Klingon trait (cloaks) and the KDF got one typical Federation trait, a cruiser-sized ship with blue slots as compensation.
And you want the compensation for the compensation because being even is unfair right?
Feds must be one ahead or it's not balanced.

Raptor = Escort
Battle Cruiser = Cruiser
Fleet Support = Science Vessel
Carrier =
Raider =

Seems like the KDF is two ahead. It used to be one ahead when the KDF had no Science Vessel and had to use the Carriers and Raiders to offset that.

I don't even want a Federation Carrier, but the suggestion that the KDF losing one ship type to the Federation would destroy it's "Klingon Originality" is laughable. The KDF had four ship types, two unique. The UFP had three ship types, one unique. Now the KDF has five ship types, two still unique. The UFP still has three ship types, none unique.

At this point the Federation just has a bunch of redundant variations on the same three themes. Which is fine, really, I guess so long as the KDF never gets another new ship so that the UFP can retain it's sole distinguishing feature left... that being having more raw content, even if it is all pretty much the same thing over and over. Somehow I think a lot of people would object to that though... and I'd be one of them.