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07-23-2011, 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by N_Danger
The thing that worries me about it is the number of people asking for all universal stations on it in other threads. At that point why have different ships at all in the game or PvP at all. Everyone will be flying the "flagship" (Shouldn't there be just a few of those?)
Except the KDF of course.
It will still be a Cruiser. They need to come up with a drawback, of course. Maybe just a low turn rate, same as the Galaxy.

sort of off topic:
I notice there has been a slow creep in universal stations showing up on Fed ships. Which removes the major difference between Klingon and Fed. I find that disturbing given that Fed's have more ship designs anyway to pick from.
The combination of Battle Cloak, Excellent Turn Rate , and All Universal Stats (plus pathetic shields and hull) requires a little more than just giving a Fed ship a single universal station. If anything, a ship with no universal station at all has been stealing some of the BoPs thunder - the MVAM.

But I think it was inevitable after the Excelsior that we would see more ships with "off"- Lt.Cmdr Station. The Nebula and the Kar'Fi followed, then the MVAM AE. If that neuters the BoP, it's time to give it an Ensign Station perhaps?