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07-23-2011, 06:13 AM
Originally Posted by DaelusPrime
Hi I'm having troubles after the OS 10.6.8 update I get a black screen before my character selection main page. Here are my specs:
Processor: 2x 2.26
Ram: 4GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

It was working brilliantly up until 2 weeks ago.

I either get a black screen or the com badge "loading screen" but it never loads. (last night I let it try to load overnight still stuck loading this morning). CMD Q sometimes works to quit - then I get an error report:

I can send you the error report as it is too long to post

I have the "test run" log file too that I can send if it will help troubleshooting

What do you think?
not really sure... seems a few people with 9400s are talking about issues.

The crash report you sent me is the normal one that happens after Crossfire when trying to adjust resolutions. Work around this by running in the wrapper, and setting the screen options to Override -> Fullscreen -> and select the resolution you want to run in STO. The crashing shouldn't happen any more, and the only downside is that the login/patcher will be in fullscreen too. You can still Cmd+Opt+A toggle in out of fullscreen this way though.

Originally Posted by Athirne View Post
For X11 support yes, but doesn't the xQuartz group normally only post updates after the main release once Apple posts some source code? I thought I remembered with 10.6 the group having to wait for Apple before they could port a new release for the update with fixes for Apple's screw-ups. Like how the xQuartz build released two days ago is for 10.5 and 10.6 and there isnt one built for 10.7 yet.
as far as I can tell, for 10.6 and now 10.7, Apple just uses XQuartz as a base... the XQuartz project basically does everything.

Originally Posted by Randall_Mc
I have the same problem but the fix is launch the game in safe mode in the options screen from the loader screen. It will load in a window but as soon as you get in to your character you can go in to the graphics options and set it back to high and it works. I hope there is a perm fix soon hate to do this everytime I load the game.
if its the WineskinX11 crash with the "cannot destroy window" error... just use the Fullscreen workaround I posted above.

Originally Posted by Toxa
Just reporting in that 1.3.1 is running swimmingly on my i7 iMac with Radeon HD 6970M in Lion. I still have that mouse-look issue with 1.3.2 however. Doh123, you mentioned that you think there is something which can be disabled to correct the problem... is there a chance it's something I could fix myself?
I know 1.3.2beta is buggy... Id say keep using 1.3.1 right now for playing. What i was talking about disabling was support of something in Wine, which requires compiling a new engine. I tried this but it just changed things around and was still very buggy. 1.3.1 works good for now though, its built off Wine 1.3.5 I believe, which is older, but as long as it works, its good.

Originally Posted by pparlor View Post
I'm having a problem with the game in general. I am using Wineskin 1.3.2 and the game will load, but the next thing I see is words over other words and the screen flashes. It loads past the Cryptic and Atari logos and the picture of the heroes vs villains straight to the opening menu. The problem is that nothing works. I am able to select certain buttons, but when I click on them nothing on the screen changes.

I'm using Snow Leopard:
3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS

I select the Low graphic settings because the default selection does not allow me to even view anything and freezes past the load screens. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. (inb4 get a PC, sorry don't have enough money for another OS)
first, I'd suggest only using 1.3.1 if you want to play and not test things.
Second, try the workaround I posted above forcing a fullscreen mode and see if things work differently. With Crossfire they changed something weird how windows are being used, or maybe some hidden ones, and Wine is getting confused, and the x server is crashing easily.