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07-23-2011, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by gx4th View Post
Sci/escort? Welcome to being a premiere zombie cruiser killer. Don't underestimate the MVAM when it comes to pvp potential. The ability to stun someone with a photonic shockwave is very powerful when timed right. Plus you have SNB which is one of the best captain abilities out there.

Common mistake with sci pilots. Most fire off their SNB prematurely. Well timed SNB when the guy's just panicked > shock wave and alpha strike = dead opponent most of the time.
Welcome to pvp OP. (original poster) sign up for the OPVP Channel ingame, plenty of excellent people, always willing to help there.

Also, while gx4th is a big fan of the big old fashioned shockwave, I am partial to the Tractor Beam Repulsors 2 in my ltc slot when I fly my mvam. Why TBR2? It does decent damage regardless of shields, and when you hit an Evasive + Engine battery with it on, providing your team mates follow you, you'll isolate a target well away from it's healers. Have someone else hit the target with a normal tractor beam when TBR runs out and you've got a nasty combo.

Also, Feedback Pulse2 is worth looking into, just keep in mind that TSS2 is going to go into a global when you usei t.

Also, Target Subsystems are ridiculous with an AE or MVAM, think 99 Drains (when you hit sci team before firing off the Target) are possible, without even being a joined trill. So a Tykens 2 + Target Sub is also a good choice for an MVAM. To get maximum drain you'll need a triple SEN tachyon deflector, and all 3 console slots eaten up for the + to sensor array.

But, that does take away from Borg gear, so I'd just go with the borg deflector, and console when you get the chance to do those stfs. Those procs really are that important in pvp. You'll still have a very strong drain when fully specced and with Tykens 2, (just pop an aux battery before you fire it if possible) is going to really ruin someone's day.

My Recon runs on Target 2, and Tykens 3 with SNB when they pop an emergency power. It's a pretty reliable way of downing shields, removing engine power and nerfing enemy dps in one go.