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07-23-2011, 07:35 AM
Good Afternoon MrFlibble!

I hope you're well! I'm also from the UK and if I may, I'd like t recommend the United Federation of Planets. We are an international fleet but we have an extremely strong contingent from the UK and europe. In fact well over half the command staff are from the UK.

We try and cover all playing styles so for the casual player, you log on and play and all we ask, is that you follow our code of conduct, you treat other players as you would have them treat you and sign our monthly roll call which is a 30s job. And that's it!!

Within the UFP, we work incredibly hard at making sure all our members are having a blast. For the start of season 4 we ran 12 hours of events and for our 9th anniversary in May, we ran 7 days of Star Trek episodes streamed, events being run across multiple games including STO. We have a whole team of Event officers who run events across a number of timezones (including the UK timezone) which can vary from the weekly pvp nights to leveling, STF's, foundry nights, meet and greets...dabo nights...

We also have our own in-house magazine (The Herald) which has recently featured an interview with Cryptics STO Producer, D Stahl.

So if you are interested, feel free to check out the site and if you feel like we are the right fleet for you, then you can join here.

Best of luck!

Grace Pryde