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07-23-2011, 09:05 AM
For the record @ the OP, my Tac Defiant R *currently* runs:

Tac team 1 | Attack Pattern Beta 1 | Cannon Rapid Fire 2 | Cannon Rapid Fire 3
Tac team 1 | Attack Pattern Beta 1 | Beam Overload 3 |
Target Engines 1

Emergency Power to Shields 1 | RSP 1
(I previously ran 2x EPtS, and frankly, might go back to it. If I were in a good premade though, I would prob switch that out to 2xEPtW)

Hazard Emitters 1 | Transfer Shield Strength 2
(I used to run polarize hull because it has a massive resist, but I just needed something to heal myself too so switched to HE)

All disruptor

Quickly, regarding procs, honestly do not expect them to be a game changer. They are so minimal in many cases they are almost impractical to use effectively. That said, 2 stand out for me, disruptors and antiproton. Disruptors grant a -5% damage resist if I remember correctly? I consider this a good team proc, as it helps out everyone if your mutual target gets squishier, where as antiproton only helps you. Disruptors are also CHEAP, allowing more points in other areas.

I think the tac skill choices aren't all too uncommon, some will opt for High Yield Torpedo 3 in place of BO3. I understand their reasons. The extra ensign slot is also up for grabs I'd imagine. I also used to run 2xCRF1 and ATB 2/3 instead instead of the ranks above. I'm honestly not sure which is better. Perhaps our cohorts can comment on that one.

I'm not the best survivor, I will be totally honest, although some of that may just be due to me , but the damage potential is very high, and I have instagibed a great number of ships, from escorts to carriers. BO3 alone can rack up ~40k damage. That is more than the total hull of everything sub cruiser. Combined with CRF2/3 and it is great. CRF takes down the shields, BO3 takes down the rest. I will of course give the caveat that any seasoned player should survive that unless they have fallen asleep at the helm. Noobs go bye bye every time.

Never forget that this is a team game Your team mates are the trickles of straw on the camels back, you are the bale.