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07-23-2011, 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by G.Cockburn
How come your pictures always look so much better than my game; are all your leaked shots full-on renders from specialised machines? If so, I find that a little dishonest - I've always disliked that devs use hardware setups that aren't really available to their players to generate publicity shots, because they know full well that anyone who's not spent ten grand on their rig won't get the same fidelity.
If you are interested, I take them on a 9800gt (a sub $100 card) with about a 2.5 quadcore. You could probably build my basic machine from scratch for around $500 give or take. (its the software that would make it expensive) Obviously it's not super low end, but It's really not very high end hardware anymore either.

That being said, I'd like to think that one of the reasons I take nice shots is I know how to frame em, I know what angle the lighting looks best from, etc. Basically, I'm a professional at this stuff so of course it should look nice, and its more fun to show you nice looking stuff. For full disclosure: often these shots have some color leveling, etc done to them to make them more acceptable for sub-hd jpegs viewed on the web. Photojournalists for major news sites do the same sorts of things.