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07-23-2011, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by JeffStavrosA.K.AParis
The powers name is pretty self explanatory IMO I mean really
"I wonder what emergency Power To Shields does"
It's certainly better understandable then "Auxiliary Power to Batteries", but unfortunately the name alone doesn't always tell us if it's also good to use.

Originally Posted by zevermoon View Post
Sounds like you just explaned a loop hole that will be closed during seasion 6 download.

Very cool

Well, it was introduced in Season 2, when snix rebalanced all powers and redesigned the entire rule system for cooldowns, system cooldowns and introduced global cooldowns. I doubt he missed the fact that you could cycle 4 emergency powers.
I would say he (or the community at that time) might not have fully understood the consequences of the shield resistance EPtS gave out, but those values were reduced later (Season 3, I believe). They remain important, but they are part of the overall balance of the game now. Maybe too strong in PvE, but required in PvP to match the possible damage outputs. (Unfortunately, it is a balance of extremes.)