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07-23-2011, 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by mistformsquirrel
You use Renderscale too right? >.> (I think that's the command name); I know that's what they use in CO to make screenies pretty. You can't really play with it turned up because it uses up sooooo many resources; but for taking pictures it's gold.
Depends on the size of the shot I need. If I need something small for a web preview, usually a 1920x1200 render will do fine. (especially once it's scaled down even more in photoshop). If I need a print ready screenshot, I'll bump the renderscale up to 2 , getting around a 3300 pixel wide screenshot. (which is close to what an Apple 30" cinema displays natively.) Renderscale is essentially just rendering an image as if you had a different display resolution than you actually do.

Funnily enough, I think one of the best ways to play STO is on a 1080p tv, but setting the game to run at 1280x720 and letting my TV upscale it. I can turn on all our higher settings and it still runs smooth. This is basically how some devs get their console games looking so good on 5 year old hardware like the 360: render fewer pixels but make em as pretty as possible.

Haha, sorry for the sidetracking, my inner geek took over.