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Hey there

this is my first post on the STO Forums so, first of all, i want to say Hi to all of you.

I've made my first mission with the foundry, and i need feedback and reviews to improve my style and to gain experience in mission-making. The name is Grounded: The Beginning.

As you can see this is the beginning of a series, that i'm going to develop if you guys enjoy the first mission.

In Grounded: The Beginning you're called by a Vulcan Science Officer on Memory Alpha to investigate an uncharted planet in the Delta Volanis Cluster. Apparently the crew of the USS Andalusia has been foundend on a terrestrial world and you have to investigate, and make sure that everyone is alive. The second half of the mission may seem strange, but my intent is to raise a lot of questions that i'm going to answer with the second quest.

The mission itself uses 2 new space maps and one new ground map.

This is my first mission but i've tried to get away from the "Hello World" thing by studying a particolar storyline that will end in something big.

Thanks everyone!

Note: The mission is on Tribble.