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07-24-2011, 07:18 AM
- Scramble Sensors definitely needs a tweak. It should only affect weapons targeting, not all targeting (heals, etc) Being sci/sci, I have enjoyed SS at times, but being honest, I have to admit that it needs fixing.

- Photonic Fleet should be a science ship ability, not a science officer ability. Since science have only 6 weaps, seems a resonable tradeoff. This would also cut a lot of PF spam.

- Tykens and Energy Syphon need some love.. both are so weak now that they are nearly useless.

- Phasers proc too often. Either lower their proc, or raise the other weapon types to match.

- Extend Shields does need some sort of penalty for the caster. It just makes sense.

- The entire torpedo system needs a good looking at.

There are some others, but these are the main items that I would like to see addressed.