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07-24-2011, 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by Rock_Monster View Post
Tetryon, Polarons and Plasma procs need love. Phasers procs are silly good and need rebalancing. I'd like to see tetryon get something like a -10% shield resist debuff like disruptors have a hull debuff. The proc's shield drain is laughable. Polarons maybe minus to power for 5 secs, then recharge. Plasma - more damage?.

Lots of of good suggestions in this thread. Some of my other gripes: uber tac team, sub nuc affecting weapon timers, photonic fleet (would prefer another power), sci fleet, scramble, etc...
I really like the -10% shield resist for Tetrylols. There's currently no way to reduce shield damage resistance, aside from SNB'ing away buffs and BTS:Shields. This would be an awesome way to make Tetrylols not only viable, but highly worth their skill cost. Especially if the proc stacks (up to a certain point).

Plasmas need their damage boosted and unlimited stacking, no debating that.

I've always been a strong proponent of straight up switching the Phaser and Lollaron procs. It not only justifies the high skill cost of Polarons, but (don't hate me) makes sense according to Canon - Phasers could be used to reduce the power of enemy systems (ultimately disabling them), while Polarons bypassed shields all together; in essence, disabling them.