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07-24-2011, 08:38 AM
a single cannon/turret build would work quite well with one of these, maybe even better then beams, its turn rate is even better then the excelsior's. only has access to 1 cannon tactical power though, same with vorcha.

on my vorcha and negvar i swap between duel cannons with single cannons depending on the situation, something fed cruisers cant do. if there's a lot of escorts around single cannons all the way, but if your facing other cruisers you can easily keep them in your duel cannon arc with just 1 turn rate console and be dealing the most damage.

i suggest 2 copies of DEM II, 2 copies of EPtS2 and EPtW1, aux2struc3, ET1, TT1, CRF1, ST1 and TSS2. lots of tanking and lots of damage. your score board numbers might not be as high as a beam user, but your damage will be having more of an effect.

if your in a vorcha instead of a negvar, you lose your ET 1 so replace ST1 with HE 1, believe it or not if you keep your aux mid level or have aux batteries that's all the heals you will need. have a forward torp and use HY1 in the extra tac station. even in a cruiser you are able to drop shield facing, often your opponent wont expect you to burst like that and be slow to counter, a slow photon HY should land right around that time a hole opens up.