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07-24-2011, 09:16 AM
I just tested the following on Tribble:

Front: DBB, Single Cannon X 2, Tricobalt
Rear: Turret X 4
Borg Engine
Borg Deflector
Reman Shield
Neutronium armour, EPS console, Field Generator (+35% shields) and RCS accelerator
Halon and Borg console
Prefire chamber X 3

Ensign Tactical: BO1 and CRF1
Ensign Engineering: Eng Team1
Lt Cmdr Engineering: Emergency to shields 1, Aux2ID 1, Dem2
Cmdr Engineering: Emergency to shields 1, Aux2ID 1, Dem2, RSP3
Lt Science: Science team 1, Hazard Emitters 2

It seemed pretty good, although I've yet to use it on other players. I think swapping one of the rear turrets for an array would be an improvement because the Overload could be thrown in any direction then. Also I might change Science Team for Transfer Shield Strength. ES3 instead of RSP would improve it's ability to support other ships too, at cost of self survivability, it'd probably be worth having that on the Lt Cmdr officer, and swapping the two as the situation dictates.

Sacrificing the Eng team on a Vor'cha would allow tac team, or a second overload, or HYT and a more traditional torp, probably quantum, though generally quantum's need speccing as well as anything else.

I was using this build as a tactical officer, so the cooldown was reduced for a lot of powers due to tactical initiative. But doubling up on some of the powers is still worth it.