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07-24-2011, 01:44 PM
This issue isn't exclusive to STO. WoW faced this same problem, that being the problem of premade vs pug. You inevitably encounter a number of issues which arise as a result. For one, people start recognizing when their PuG is up against a premade, sometimes right as the match begins. Many will opt to just leave the arena instead of dying repeatedly, leaving the match further imbalanced. Then of course there is the issue of spawn camping, where the premade team wipes the pug so easily, they just want to end the match ASAP.

In any case, it isn't much fund for either team, unless there are those who enjoy completely one-sided competition (which then doesn't really qualify as competition).

WoW responded to this in a couple of ways, as I recall (though admittedly I haven't played in some time). For one, they implemented Rated Battlegrounds. These were like normal battlegrounds, but they rewarded a higher tier of PvP points (used to exchange for top-tier PvP gear), and were acceptably not meant for PuGs of any kind (though you could, in theory, get a PuG together--chances of success were slim to none as a PuG). They were meant to cater to the premade crowd who could easily organize a large number of participants to work cooperatively against a similar group of opponents in a larger scale PvP environment.

This system was pretty decent on paper, but not without its faults in practice; though it also wasn't unplayable... it worked fairly well from what I recall, sans the bugs.

Additionally, I seem to recall that WoW began restricting how many people you could join a regular battleground with as a premade group. WoW's battlegrounds were multi-group matches, and while before you could organize an entire raid to queue up together, they ended up restricting it to a one-group maximum. The downside to this is the restriction placed on larger guilds/teams who wanted to PvP together; and even with the restricting, a single organized group could still make a world of difference, even in a three-group-per-side match.

I've been on both sides of the fence in WoW, though I've only been in PuGs on STO. Either way, it isn't fun, regardless if I'm in the premade, or the PuG, when going premade vs. pug. It will quickly discourage both the puggers and the premades from being interested in PvP.