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07-24-2011, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
But what qualifies as a Premade exactly?

People from the same fleet?

People in that same fleet, that have built their ships to work with each other exclusively?

Does an OPVP Pugmade count?

Does a group using Vent count?
I think you pretty much defined a premade.

Originally Posted by Mavairo
There in lays the problem, well one of them. The other is that frankly this game doesn't have the subs to have tiered pvp brackets.
There is the possiblity if people know they aren't going to get curbstomped by a premade and actually have fun for a change, then more people might actually play. But as it is now, Cryptic will likely decide to put their resources into making much needed PvE content than PvP.