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07-24-2011, 03:39 PM
It's not just that. They also - well, according to STOWiki - give out less power as well. The bonuses given are also not as pivotal as Emergency Power to Shields. Here's a comparison of the Tier 1 skills:

Originally Posted by Emergency Power to Weapons
  • Repairs disabled weapons systems
  • +15 Weapon Power Setting for 30 sec
  • +7.5% all Energy Damage for 5 sec
Energy damage for 5 seconds, not 30?
How about a fourth trait in there, like a reduction in weapon drain? After all, shields spontaneously regenerate 300 per facing.

Originally Posted by Emergency Power to Shields
  • Repairs disabled shields
  • 300 Shield Regeneration for each facing
  • +15 Shield Power Setting for 30 sec
  • Repairs Disabled Shields
  • Reduces Damage to Shields by 14% for 30 sec
Originally Posted by Emergency Power to Engines
  • Repairs disabled engine systems
  • +40 Flight Speed for 5 sec
  • +15 Engine Power Setting for 30 sec
+40 flight speed for a mere 5 seconds, not 30 like EPtS? Blegh. >_>
Could also use a fourth trait. How about some extra turn rate? Certainly could use 7.5 extra degrees per seconds for 30 seconds.

Originally Posted by Emergency Power to Auxiliary
  • Repairs disabled auxiliary systems
  • +15 Auxiliary Power Setting for 30 sec
  • +45 Stealth for 5 sec
  • +0.9% StealthSight for 5 sec
The 5 second duration on things that are probably dubiously useful is ridiculous (cloak detection barely ever comes up for me in my sci ship). To play the sentinel, it'd need to be longer. To use it reactively to a Bird of Prey that just battlecloaked, it'd need to have a stealth sight that's much higher.

Not sure how the stealth bonus is useful. Do the captains of cloaking ships even rely on that at all?

It has four traits, but it seems to favor the next-to-useless sensor detection/stealth tug-of-war and the only thing actually benefitting what really relies on auxiliary power is the power bonus itself. I would've greatly preferred seeing something like say 'Starship Operation +7.5 for 30 seconds'.