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07-24-2011, 08:10 PM
Originally Posted by Solar_Searcher
This thread should get a Sticky to keep it up front so it won't get lost.
I was getting tired of retyping this information for people.

Hopefully, I can just link to this post whenever anyone asks about server issues.

Originally Posted by Capt_Malone
With all due respect many of us have been submitting these for a week straight. Still no resolution.
Providing this information can help--though everyone wishes problems were fixed overnight. However, some things are beyond Cryptic's control.

For example, dstahl mentioned that the recent connection issues had to do with a particular hub trying to connect to Cryptic's servers in MA--something they contacted the ISP over. This explains why only some users experienced the issues and why Cryptic's servers had no problem communicating with most players.