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# 1 Sticking it out in PVP
07-25-2011, 05:29 AM
Yesterday I was in a ground PVP, it started with 4v4, but since the Feds (I was playing my cute Orion girl :p) outgunned us, we were dying left and right then the # little Indian scenario began with the other Klingons just leaving.

Eventually I found myself soloing 4 Feds, at first they just cut me down but after a while (and some talking) we fought a little more honorably and I actually got some kill; especially when we went 1v1 with melee weapons.

They won, but I had fun; but the I guess the reason I am posting this is why do people leave when the going gets tough?

I would have much preferred the whole team stay and we might have had a chance if we worked together, instead they left leaving us no chance to win.

The Feds earned their win because they stayed, I lost but still I had fun and if I had left the Feds would not have won or would have waited until the time was up. I won't do that to them, they deserve a honest fight and I tried to give them one even though I knew that it was also a hopeless fight.

Here is to all those who stay even when the situation is darkest. ~_^