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# 1 Suggestion: KDF XP Boost
07-25-2011, 06:30 AM
Since the general consensus is that the KDF side is lacking somewhat in the pve area and therefor also in the levl. area, would it be all wrong with a general +xp boost?

As it is now there doesn't seem to much incentive for people to start a KDF character since:

Less content than the feds, ie more grind.
Less content in the c-store than the feds.
You have to be lvl 6(not a big problem but still curious).
+ Probably a lot more.

If the levling was faster perhaps people would tend to try the KDF.

Personally, for me going Fed is out of the question since the KDF are way more cool, I will rather grind then going Fed. Still, if I didn't have to I wouldn't mind. I am not asking for the ultimate death cannon, not asking to nerf anything, not even asking for more content, I am just asking for some sort of balance between the amount of content and the speed of levling.