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07-25-2011, 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by Kemotherapy
Well I bought the MVAE tonight, put the console in the AE I've been flying to get a feel for how it works before I start thinking about a build for the MVAE... And it's gone pretty great so far, I really like the Multi Vector mode, even if it does take a console spot, it's fun.

I'm really liking the BO loadout on the AE though, so I'm not sure if I'll even switch to the MVAE, though some of those LtCmd Science abilities still look pretty interesting. But Target Engine 3 is working pretty good, especially for when people try to escape to go heal up, blow their engines, subnuke their buffs and heals, and they go boom.

I'm noticing my DPS isn't front loaded like a lot of Tac Escorts (usually BoP or Defiant-R) I've been running into, which was expected, but with Multi-Vector mode and my innate science abilities, I feel like I can chip away at them pretty well regardless without getting blown up too fast. My only issue at this point is every BoP I come across seems to like to unlock, alpha, and stun me with PSW which is getting kind of annoying... sometimes it feels like there's literally nothing I can do against that.

I switched from full Aegis to Aegis shield + Borg Engine/Console/Deflector.
A lot of times, you can hear the BoP buffing up before decloaking. Or, you have around a second or so after they decloak before the Shockwave hits you (there is travel time from the user to you); these are the perfect times to pop a TacTeam.