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07-25-2011, 06:58 AM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
There really are very few situations where I could imagine leaving to be an option and those are mostly related to an issue in real life. I think it's most an ego problem. Some people don't like being bested and take things way too seriously. If it's an open zone like Otha or Ker'rat then it's not that big of a deal. Most times people, myself included, go there to kill and be killed while waiting on the queue to pop.

All that being said, just this morning I was all excited to get a match in before I leave town. It wasn't until I got to the Arena that I realized, about a week earlier I had swapped ships but hadn't traded equipment to the one I was in. I didn't even have an engine so I had to leave. Once I got that squared away, the next match a person on the opposing team left when he got rolled hard (he seemed to have engines and shields, at least for a few seconds).

I don't know, I suppose anyone can come up with any kind of excuse to justify doing something like logging out. People just need to remember that they aren't playing this game alone. What they do has an impact on everyone around them. It would be nice if people would try to be fair, just play the game, and let everyone enjoy it.
That could be turned around you know

There are and were a lot of abilities that wasnt "fair" and enjoyable for everyone.. Broken FAW, Multipengs, SS3, Broken CSV3, prenerf PSW/VM/SNB etc etc.

Ive seen more than one person that stated that leaving the match was *so* bad and lame, yet they themselved looks back with fondness to the time they could blow up an entire Fedball in one pass.

Talk about being hypocritical