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07-25-2011, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by Celestial_Fury
I still believe that being one-shotted in PvP by someone who managed to get close to you and flank you is not a bug.

Is'nt here that we start talking about player personal skill? If you and/or your team gets ambushed with their pants down and shot in the back, i firmly believe that it deserves a quick and painful death.

There are ways to deal with ambushers and close opponents in the game. Many ways actually.

I would be alot more annoyed if the one-shot death was coming from extreme range with no ways to counter it. But again, in my book, in any case Flank/Backstab should = Death. There are no excuse to allow the enemy in your back. Watch your 6 or have a teammate watch it for you.
Yes, I agree. If you suddenly see a targeting laser on yourself, run towards it. Running gives a dodge bonus and facing the enemy eliminates flanking.