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07-25-2011, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by Delphya
I guess the reason I am posting this is why do people leave when the going gets tough?
Because fragile egos sometimes override any sense of honor. I have no respect for people who bail in PvP, and TBH, it's happened to me more with Fed teams than with Klingons.

if I had left the Feds would not have won or would have waited until the time was up. I won't do that to them, they deserve a honest fight and I tried to give them one even though I knew that it was also a hopeless fight.

Here is to all those who stay even when the situation is darkest. ~_^
Cheers! If the PvP player base was more like you, it'd be much stronger than it is, and I think the veteran PVP'ers appreciate and respect people with guts. I know I do.