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# 161 Ihnoc Through The Mirror
07-25-2011, 12:38 PM
“Ihnoc through the mirror? Well it happened in 2409. Their 2409. No time jumps or anything of the sort. It all started on a return to Deep Space Nine when the Satsuma was caught in some kind of massive scale transporter beam. The beam transported us initially a couple of light years. Nothing serious but since the phenomenon was so unique, we went back to take better readings.”

“This time, the beam had changed, and initiated a multidimensional transport. It felt unnatural, like there was something we were supposed to see from that transport. And something we did see. We arrived in what is so often called the Mirror Universe. For a while it wasn't immediately obvious but then we encountered a small flotilla of Terran ships, fighters mostly. After everything I tried to explain, they opened fire and obviously notified their superiors.”

“I knew it wasn't long before we encountered something big, like the Klingon-Cardasian Alliance, whom I didn't want to entangle myself with. I pulled up what information we had and distributed it. We made sure to prepare the crew for their alter egos and focussed on trying to find a way back. We theorized that such transporter technology may also be found in parallel, or may even possibly originate here.”

“Our theory turned out to have merit. Upon returning to the parallel co-ordinates, long range scans picked up something massive; a huge Borg transwarp conduit that seemed to have no discernible destination. The complex was guarded by at least 8 cubes and other small vessels that were locked in combat with a group of Terran ships. Upon scanning the engagement, we found the lead vessel; the Satsuma. Far from the Terran Nebula, it was what could best be described as a Defiant. It felt fitting to the stereotype that a diplomatic ship be incarnated as a lethal warship there.”

“I decided, since the Borg were unlikely to lend us their big toy and also likely to be the cause of our arrival, to open a channel with the Satsuma. I expected me, with eye-liner and maybe a cape, scar down the cheek and likely Leila, my Orion helm officer, on a leash. Instead I got Sianna, my cousin and first officer, from the Mirror Universe as a Captain. Funnily enough, Leila was indeed on a leash.”

“I asked where my counterpart was and if we could barter a trade of assistance for use of the Borg hub. Sianna being as intelligent as in our universe, accepted and despite the desperate odds we whittled the numbers down to a few cubes but kept my whereabouts to herself. I imagined she'd probably stabbed me in my sleep or something. However, the battle had become more difficult. The Borg were adapting and seemed to be outwitting me at every turn.”

“Then I found out why. The Satsuma was ensnared in a tractor beam and the shields failed. In a moment I saw why I wasn't on the mirror ship. Appearing in front of me, minus the hair and skin pigmentation, was me. Assimilated. That was my fate here. It became clear that it hadn't been long as the drone was still in it's uniform. I was surprised when it spoke alone and made no hostile move.”

“Then he began speaking as other Borg took the ship, “we are the Borg. We have brought you here for assimilation after we acquire the knowledge you possess for dimensional transport.” I thought he was joking but it turned out the drone, dubbed Five, was uniquely tasked to make multidimensional transport possible for the Borg and he had chosen me as his first target. The idea sounded terrible. The Federation had to deal with two universe's worth of Borg, as well as everything else?”

“We locked ourselves in combat. Our anti-assimilation techniques, unknown to the Borg there, helped us clear the ship and win over the battle. Five escaped to a ship and fled, likely what I would have done. Mirror Sianna requested we leave through the hub and after a few hours we understood enough of the technology to initiate the transport. I don't know what became of them after that.”

“I have this funny feeling, every time I look in the mirror, I'm going to see Five staring back. Probably the most ingenious foe I've met thus far. Likely, the most deadly.”