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Originally Posted by Summit View Post
no it just increases shield regen. I find it actually helps a lot even with my covarient shields
This is incorrect...

Q: How do shield resistances (or Shield Damage Reduction) work?
Recently the discussion came up on how Shield Resistances work and stack. Some tests and a clarification by snix provided the answer.
Shield resistance are described in percentages, e.g. by how much the damage your shields take are reduced. Shield Resistances stack multiplicative. If you have value of n % as shield resistance, the damage you receive is multiplied by 1 - (n / 100). For example, if you have 25 % Shield Resistance, you have 1 - (25/100) = 0.75 as damage mutlpilier. If you have 2 shield resistance sources, you multiply these values. So, if you have 15 % shield resistance from shield power and 20 % from a shield resistance granting power, the effective value is 0.85 * 0.8 = 0.68 or 32 % damage reduction. There is also a 75 % cap for the final value of your resistance.
Note on terminology: Since Armor and Shield have different formuals on stacking and how the yare applied overall, I and others prefer to refer to shield resistance as "Shield Damage Reduction" (SDR).
(Copied from: MustrumRidcully's Insights Thread)

The SDR from your Shield Power Level is calculated at .28% SDR per point of Shield Power Level, up to a maximum of 35% at 125 Shield Power.

Additionally, Shield Power also, as mentioned, affects your regeneration rate, at a rate of +4% per point above 25 Shield Power (that is the 'modified' Power Level, not the slider level); thus, Shield Power Level [SPL] 50 will give you 100% of your base regeneration rate; SPL 75 will give you 200%, SPL 100 gives you 300%, and SPL 125 gives you 400% of your base regen. (Also note, SPL 25 or lower gives you NO regen.)

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