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07-25-2011, 03:54 PM
It would be pretty awesome to have some actual architecture on Andoria. The outdoor zone is very large, but it could use some more distinctive landmarks. Perhaps some small outdoor buildings could hint at this sort of saucer-pod architecture. But a full city would be pretty cool if they have the time to do it.

That said, what do you think mainstream Andorian cities look like in comparison? The Aenar live in a particularly harsh northern region, but nearly all of Andoria is cold enough to have underground cities. Maybe more equatorial cities have some running water and are in rocky rather than icy caves. Kind of like a giant hot spring spa, underground.

The Aenar architecture would seem to have mainline Andorian influence, as a blind species wouldn't have much of a use for illuminated windows. Heat lamps and balconies, maybe, and sculptures they can 'feel' with their minds. I find it interesting that the saucer buildings look like K7-style space stations, perhaps that's where the space station architecture originated.